Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Semper Fidelis

A long, long time ago during our High School days in St. Vincent, a rule was observed that once the lights are turned off after night prayers at quarter to nine, "magnum silentium" starts; meaning, absolute silence.  One night, a few minutes after lights off, we heard partying on the other side of the fence.  Excitedly, my friends and I went out to the veranda to watch the shindig, whereupon the prefect of discipline happened to pass by and flashed a beam of light to the direction of the noise.  As if by Pavlovian instinct, my friends scampered back to their bunks leaving me to face the angel of death.  The high priest, mighty and supreme, gave me the ulitmatum of having me to sleep alone in a classroom downstairs unless I identify the names of my friends.  "Semper fidelis" and not one to squeal, I stood my ground and gallantly faced father superior with the seal of confession.  Wow, impressive, heroic, absolutely priestly!  Only that, I got to sleep alone in one of the old and dark, cobweb filled classrooms; praying hard to God not to allow ghosts of dead priests play a joke on me.  

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