Saturday, December 22, 2012

Made in Germany

Two cultures set apart by distance.  So far apart yet fused into one.  Bonded, merged, joined.   Nena und Nena.  One  from the Philippines, the other aus Deutschland.  The former, a very dear friend of mine; the latter, a part of my growing years, an idol.  

My day would have been just another of the many boring days I had, had it not for the coming of my dear friend Nena who at work we fondly called Anne, many, many years before.  And why not?  Her real name is Antonina.  So you either call her Nena, or Anne; Anto or Tony, but never Ant, never Ton, not even Ina.  Just don't call her those, please. 

Nena has just arrived home from Germany for vacation. And vacation it is.  After a week of visiting friends and neighbors, she decided to invite me to a dinner with another friend of her's (Gee,  I thought I would be left out).  It was a simple dinner at Mang Inasal, where you get to eat chicken that looks more like an electrocuted duck.   Not sumptuous, nothing pompous.  Oh, but, we had a great time together with so much laughter, and teasing.   That's what friends are for, right?.  You don't eat much, but you get a lot of fun together.  I guess, that's how they do it in Germany.   And so, after another hour of jesting around with another group of friends in another place, we parted.   Just like that.  My dear Anne, however gave me a copy of Nena's concert just as I thought to myself, "That's it?".  No, that isn't all there is to it, Meister.  It's Nena's concert video.  Anne's concert?  Not her concert stupid, for our very own Nena can't sing pure note.  She listens to good music 'though, and has a sophisticated ear for the best.  And so, she gave me this concert CD of Nena called, 'Made in Germany' with a smile, and with a look in her eyes only I can discern the meaning of.  Made in Germany?  Oh no, nothing of that sort.  Its just simply Nena.  My Nena.  Philippine made. 

Back at home, my room is bustling with Nena's music video courtesy of my good friend Nena.   And as I watch her sing and dance, my heart can't help but leap and jump too.  Never mind if I don't understand most of the German lyrics.  That isn't so important.  It is not the lyrics that makes the music, after all.  Its the melody, rather; rhythm, and tunes.  Simple pure note.   Made in Germany. 

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