Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On A Lake One Day

The spot was majestic, serene, and bright;
The trees and its shade,
The wind and the birds.
Fishes wrangling free from the bait,
The still pond disturbed by its ripples.

An exquisite smell of jasmine,
And a woman’s laughter,
Melodious, sweet, and charming,
Disturbed my reverie somehow.
And as I looked at a grassy corner yonder,
A smile escaped my lips,
Piercing look burns into my soul,
As my heart skips a moment of infamy.
For there by the edge of the lake,
Stands a nymph glowing like the moon. 
Inviting and seducing,
Smiling and enticing.

Oh, I do not know what caused me to ignore
So suddenly, and so unusual,
Such beauty;
Such passion.
But as I look at the pond again,
My worried face reflects bright and clear;
Of not so young a man, long and grey haired.
Echoes of raging youth, of romance and extravagance;
Of passion and pride,
Leaving only marks of anguish, 
of traces of guilt, and struggle.

Yet, as I stood up to leave finally,
A soft little hand clutches mine.
A daughter by my side
Who looks up to me as someone strong and wise,
A guide, a teacher, a father.

And as we started treading our steps back home
Together, happy, singing, and oh, even dancing;
I looked back as though by instinct,
To the lady of the lake,
Who stared confused and bewildered;
With a merry mirth,
I managed a wink,
“Farewell, beautiful one.”

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